Shower wiping reimagined

Forget ugly floor wipers or hurting your back with a short squeegee. Experience Nuro, a beautifully designed squeegee that seamlessly handles both your floor and cabin glass wiping.

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Easy floor wiping

Wipes cabin wall

Frees up space

Fits in a drawer

Modern design

Delivery within EU

No ugly floor wiper standing in your shower

Remove that ugly floor wiper that's always in your way, and make your bathroom beautiful again.

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Extendable handle for easy floor wiping

Nuro extends to 96 cm. That allows you to stand upright and wipe your floors comfortably, removing the daily stress on your lower back from wiping with a short squeegee.

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Seamless glass wiping

Avoid those hideous hard water stains on your glass doors. Use Nuro for a seamless glass wiping experience.

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Even fits in your bathroom drawer

When retracted, Nuro is so size efficient that she fits in most bathroom drawers. Perfect for that extra minimalist look in your bathroom.

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