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Squeegee by Nuro

Telescopic handle and drill-free wall mount
Make your shower cabin beautiful again, remove that big ugly floor wiper

Why Nuro? Remove that big ugly floor squeegee from your shower cabin, but still stand upright and wipe your floors comfortably after every shower.

Wipe both your floor & cabin glass

No big squeegee standing in your shower

Comfortable floor wiping, no bending over

Choose color: Mist

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Unused & fully functional, with slight beauty defects
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Shower squeegee in metal and silicone with a telescopic handle that ranges from 23 cm to 96 cm. Designed for a comfortable and efficient wiping of bathroom floor, walls & cabin glass.

→ 99 cm total length when expanded

→ 26 cm total length when contracted

→ 31 cm silicone blade

→ 285 gram total weight

→ Quality alumium body

→ Scandinavian design


1. No big floor squeegee in your bathroom. Nuro is very space efficient when contracted, allowing you to hang her on the wall or even put her in a bathroom drawer

2. Easy floor wiping. The extendable handle allows you to stand upright and wipe comfortably, never crawl around on the floor again.

3. All in one wiping. Wipe your bathroom floor, walls and shower cabin with the same squeegee.


→ FREE shipping to Sweden & EU

→ Usually sends within 24 hours

→ 1 to 3 weekdays (SWE)

→ 3 to 5 weekdays (EU)

→ Ships from Sweden

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Unboxing Nuro

Unboxing your Nuro

we answered your

Common Questions

Does it wipe away water effectively?

Yes! The original design was made for window wiping, which makes it highly effective at wiping away water, since it's critical that all water is removed when wiping a window.

How does the wall mount attach?

With a water resistent glue. Simply remove the protective plastic and attach the wall mount on any surface, it can even be placed in the shower cabin.

How big is Nuro when extended?

Nuro is 98 cm long when fully extended & 25 cm when contracted. The blade is 30.7 cm wide.

Where do you ship to?

We ship to all EU countries.

Do you offer free returns?

Yes, we offer free returns within 30 days of receiving your order.

5 reasons to get Nuro

1. No big ugly floor wiper standing in your shower

It's cramped enough in there, the last you want is a big floor wiper taking up space.

2. Stand up and wipe your floors with ease

The telescopic handle extends to 96 cm, allowing you to stand upright and wipe your floors comfortably.

3. All in one use - wipe floor, walls and glass

No need for multiple squeegees, Nuro handles all your bathroom wiping.

4. Easy access with drill free wall hook

Hang Nuro on your bathroom wall for easy access after every shower.

5. Hide away in your bathroom drawer

Want that ultra minimalist look in your bathroom? Nuro is small enough to be hidden away in your bathroom drawer.