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Toilet Brush by Nuro

Extendable handle and drill-free wall mount
Stand up straight and keep your distance when cleaning the toilet

Telescopic handle (18-91cm)

Drill-free wall attachment

Replacable brush head

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Toilet brush in a stainless steel and aluminum body, with a telescopic handle that ranges from 18 cm to 91 cm. Designed to let you comfortably and effectively clean your toilet, while keeping you at a pleasant distance from the "action".

→ 18 cm handle length when contracted

→ 91 cm handle length when expanded

→ 113 cm total length (inc. brush)

→ 910 gram total weight

→ Quality alumium & steel body

→ Scandinavian design


1. Stand up straight and clean your toilet comfortably.

2. Keep your distance from the toilet while cleaning it.

3. Brush with two hands, for more effective results.

4. Beautiful Scandinavian design that blends right in.

5. No drilling needed, attach on the wall with 3M self adhesive tape.


→ FREE shipping to Sweden & EU

→ Usually ships within 24 hours

→ 1 to 3 weekdays (SWE)

→ 3 to 7 weekdays (EU)

→ Ships from Sweden

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Common Questions

How long is the handle when extended?

The handle is 18 cm long when contracted, and 91 cm long when extended. Total length (including the brush) is 40 cm when contracted and 113 cm when extended.

Can I still brush away hard stains?

Yes! The longer handle allows you to use a two handed grip, which actually improves your ability to brush away harder stains.

How does the wall mount attach?

With a water resistent 3M sticker. Simply remove the protective plastic and attach the wall mount on your bathroom wall.

Where do you ship to?

We ship to all EU countries.

Do you offer free returns?

Yes, we offer free returns within 30 days of receiving your order.

3 reasons to choose Nuro

1. Keep your hands (and face) away from the toilet

Thanks to the extendable handle of Nuro, you can finally stand at a comfortable distance when cleaning the toilet.

2. Stop crouching, stand up straight and save your back

The telescopic handle extends to 91 cm, allowing you to stand upright and clean your toilet comfortably.

3. Drill-free wall mount

Nuro sits conveniently on your wall right next to your toilet, for easy access after every visit.